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At the Salisbury law firm of Sherrill & Cameron, our lawyers advise and represent drivers who have been charged with drunk driving. In recent years the North Carolina legislature has been very active in passing laws to punish DWI convictions with increasing severity. The drunk driving laws are also more complicated than ever.

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Salisbury NC DWI Attorney

The first thing we do with clients charged with drunk driving is to review the offense report and your driving record to see exactly what kind of trouble you’re in. There are five separate levels of punishment for driving while impaired, based not only on how many prior DWI or DUI convictions you have, but other circumstances of the alleged offense. These include blood alcohol content, the presence of a person under 16 in the car, whether you were driving on a suspended or revoked license, or whether there was an accident resulting in serious injury.

Persons facing the possibility of a fourth DWI or DUI conviction in a 7-year period can be punished as felons, with a minimum term of one year’s incarceration. Four-time offenders also get labeled as “habitual impaired offenders” and might not ever regain the right to drive in North Carolina.

At Sherrill & Cameron, we take advantage of every opportunity your case presents to avoid the worst consequences of a DWI conviction. If there is reason to believe that a sobriety checkpoint was improperly conducted, or if there was no probable cause to stop your car in the first place, we will try to get the whole case thrown out on constitutional grounds. If the evidence instead suggests that there were problems with the administration, storage or analysis of a breath or blood test, we can discuss those problems before a jury to put the government’s case against you in doubt.

We also represent persons charged with felony offenses such as vehicular homicide or assault related to drunk driving. Our experience with the defense of violent felony offenses can make a significant difference in your favor if you were involved in an alcohol-related crash.

Sherrill & Cameron represents local clients, tourists, travelers and commercial operators passing through the Salisbury area on I-85. For a free consultation about our ability to prepare and present the strongest DWI defense available under the facts and the law, contact us online or by calling 704-633-5723.